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Ayurvedic services

(see “Detailed Description of Treatments” below)

Warm Oil Marma Abhyanga
Includes a short pulse assessment and individualized, dosha specific, peaceful whole body treatment.
*Price is subject to specifics of treatment and oils involved.

Shiro Dhara
A luxurious, deeply relaxing treatment, of warm oil rhythmically streamed over the forehead.

Peace Out Shiro Dhara Abhyanga
Indulge in a peaceful Warm Oil Marma Abhyanga, followed by a luxurious Shiro Dhara. The ultimate "Peace Out" experience, when you need a time out.

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation + Individual Program
1hour 30 minutes, starting at $150
Assessment of your unique constitution and individual needs.

Follow up Session
50 min, starting at $100

Follow up Session
30 min, starting at $50

Jiva Sattva Yoga Therapy Sesssion
A personal course to bring out the best in your body, mind and emotions

Individualized Pranayama Session
It is said in the Ancient texts, that Pranayama removes the "emotional scars" in your brain and creates new pathways for Prana to flow and open us up to deeper levels of clarity, peace and joy

Detailed Description of Treatments

Marma Abhyanga
Organic, herbalized and dosha specific warm oils are massaged into the entire body using specific marma strokes, creating a deep state of relaxation, deep cleansing and nourishment. The Marma Point stimulation can activate the flow of blocked energy and works on body, mind and emotions. This treatment results in a profound feeling of stability, warmth and wellbeing. The word for oil in Sanskrit is called: “Sneha” translated as: loving, nurturing and spreading.

Shiro Dhara
A luxurious treatment, where warm, herbalized oil rhythmically flows across your forehead in a steady stream. This vibration creates a blissful state of semi-consciousness and heightened awareness, an instant state of calm and rejuvenation. A powerful treatment for relieving mental stress and nervous tension. Very therapeutic for insomnia, high blood pressure and psychological disorders.

Herbal Oils are applied to the nasal passage. The nose is the pathway to all the senses. Nasya purifies and nurtures the senses, promotes complexion, improves memory and enhances creativity. It can help with addictions psychological and neuromuscular disorders.


For Appointments and Treatments:

Cancelations are accepted up to 24 hours prior to your appointment day. If you cancel after this time or do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged the full amount of the service. Please understand that there are others waiting for appointments, and our prices do not take into consideration lost revenue due to missed appointments.