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“Since treatment for cancer 4 years ago I had never been able to reclaim my health. My health continued to deteriorate. First it was adrenal insufficiency and extreme joint pain. Then tachycardia and fatigue. In addition to the physical maladies, I faced severe depression and experienced anxiety so severe I could barely make myself leave my house.
I had consulted with several integrative specialists (MD's,OD's and Chiropractors) who gave me tons of supplements and expressed frustration when I wasn't getting better due to the severe muscle and joint pain. I asked my endocrinologist for a referral to someone who does massage. He highly recommended Jutta, and I can truly say that the treatments I have had with Jutta have turned my life around. The depression and anxiety are rare and short lived. My pain is minimal, and I have a zest for life that I thought was gone. As a practitioner Jutta is intuitive and knowledgeable. As a person she is kind, loving and supportive, and has the ability to help me accept where I am today. From where I was to where I am now, I have faith that I will be whole again. I feel blessed to have found her.”


"Thank you for being in my life, Jutta!!  You have been such a good friend to me!!  I feel great after the Pancha Karma with you, and everyone around me has been telling me how great I look!!!  I went to my doctor's yesterday and my blood sugar was only 80!!!  It has not been under 100 for years!!!!!!!!"
M.S. San Diego

“Jutta is an extremely knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner and excellent communicator. She is a good listener and able to personalize treatments based upon each client’s needs, ability to understand and implement.”

“Here is my heartfelt comments from one who has experienced a consultation and many Marma Abhyangas from Jutta Hecht. Starting with the consultation, I was particularly impressed with Jutta’s comprehensive approach during the health assessment. As a professional Registered Nurse in charge of case management programs for several health plans, I did not expect to learn so much about myself. But her inquiries and thorough investigation of my health (w)holistically. and the assessment was professional, poignant and impactful in obtaining health awareness regarding an acute situation with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and prevention for optimal general health results including mental, emotional, stress management, dietary, pain relief and contemplative (Spiritualy)! I have had the best resources available for my health, but Jutta’s approach made the whole experience so personal and customized to my individual needs with her conscientious support. I felt very special and motivated to achieve the best possible results for myself. I continue to spread the word about her to others and continue my treatments based on her recommendations. I think that she is one of the best health coaches and practitioners available for those interested in achieving the best outcomes!

"Jutta's Ayurvedic treatments are fantastic. My treatment was individualized according to my body type, personality and physiology. She uses lots of warm oil and her work is very unique and personalized. I just love how mindful she is in this practice and I honor and respect her knowledge in this area deeply. After each treatment I leave feeling pure bliss. Yes, I highly recommend her as an Ayurvedic Practitioner."

“What an amazing healer. I struggled with a skin affliction for more than 1 year. In one week after following a simple (Ayurvedic) treatment the condition is subsiding…..Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jutta!”
T.K., Yoga teacher

"I looked and felt five years younger after Jutta's wonderful Ayurvedic treatment."
Y.S., La Jolla

"During the days before my surgery , I was filled with fear and anxiety until I had an Ayurvedic treatment from Jutta, that released my fear. During the treatment my fear was transformed into joy.”
J.B., Professor

“Jutta helped me make significant improvements in my health by making changes that were easy to incorporate into my lifestyle. Her Ayurvedic treatments are healing and relaxing.”

“Jutta is a powerhouse of feminine energy & charm” M.M., participated in an Ayurvedic workshop

“Jutta's guidance and flexibility has allowed me to integrate Ayurveda into my current lifestyle with amazing results. With her knowledge, experience, and patience, she has been able to help me achieve a more balanced state of health as well as a more balanced state of mind. Her deep understanding of Ayurveda allows her to quickly assess what your individual needs are and make the correct recommendations. I not only trust her with my health, but also with the health and happiness of my entire family. She is truly a special person that I would recommend to anyone”.
M. S.

“Jutta….you wont believe (Or maybe you will), what fantastic results I have had so far following some of your suggestions you gave me after our first consultation…..and I am not even on the full program yet!”
A.D., San Diego

"Following the Ayurvedic treatment which Jutta Hecht gave me, consisting of special oil Abhyangas, natural herbal formulas as well as diet/lifestyle and spiritual consultations, my nervous system became more stable and my depression was lifted."