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Ayurvedic seminars

April 14,2013 - The Sacred Art of Eating Ayurvedically presents: An Italian Interpretation.

With Arun Deva, Jutta Hecht, Chef JQ & Anjali Deva

Herb Crusted Crostini, 3 versions of Pizza, Sage Ravioli, Garden Insalata w/Farmer's Cheese, La Dolce Vita, Aperitifs, and Fig Tiramisu: all interpreted Ayurvedically.
We will begin with a lecture on Ayurvedic Principles of Food & Eating and relevance to our current dietary paradigms.
Then we will look at Italian Food through the eyes of Ayurveda.
And then we get in the kitchen and cook up an Italian feast!
Served as a sit down dinner.
Bon Appetit!

Space limited. By Invitation Only.
In a Private Estate in Vista, CA
Sunday April 14
Cost: $150 per person.
Register with Jutta: jivasattva@gmail.com

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