Aug. 31- Sept. 1, 2019 – About the Mind! A weekend workshop with Jutta Maria Hecht & Arun Deva

Come join Jutta and Arun for a weekend conversation and practice on working with our minds to build healthier lives!
We will discuss the mind through the teachings of yoga and ayurveda.
Do you know that ayurveda classifies psychotherapy as of 3 types?
Working clinically with the mind (psychotherapeutics), working with our spirits/ghosts/past lives and karma (transpersonal psychology) and with body-mind connectivity (psychosomatics).
We will discuss how yoga is a psychological tool in ayurveda.
We will talk about how diet, lifestyle and exercise are the foundations of a healthy mind.
We will talk about other fun stuff.
We will then put all this to a roadtest with a special practice that moves us into safe and powerful mental territories.
Think of the brain as your office not your war zone. Imagine your gut as your playground not your prison. Feel your heart as your home not the arctic. And finally, learning where we live, where we play and where we work, we will co-create ‘take home tools’ for all three safe zones.
Cost: $150 pre-booked.
Space limited to: 11
Location: Private studio in Encinitas
Reservation: please email:

Sat Aug 31:
9-Noon: Conversations about the mind.
1:30-4:30: What does it take to live full