Taking any form of minerals does not ensure that the minerals will be absorbed into the body and utilized by the tissues. Minerals in certain forms can be harmful to the body, and in some instances lead to heavy metal toxicity.
The ancient Ayurvedic Sages some 5000 year ago realized this, and gave us instructions on the use and preparation of minerals for optimum health.

• AyurMins is a specialized mineral solution derived from ancient plant based mineral deposits incorporating these ancient instructions
• Provides some of the most important building blocks for all the tissues of the body
• Plays a major role in enzyme activities which govern metabolic functions
• Helps in detoxing and normalizing tissue balance
• Supports the body’s intelligence for increased energy, higher tolerance to stress, improved resistance to illness

Dosage: This is a concentrated formula. Adults1/2 dropper 2 times daily; children 1/2 dropper daily. For best results hold under the tonque before swallowing