Organic Tulsi & Rose Tea

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea for glowing skin
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Tulsi: Considered Queen of the herbs and very sacred in India. A vital skin rejuvenator loaded with powerful antioxidants which helps the body’s ability to fight off damaging free radicals. Tulsi is high in Vitamin C, carotene, calcium, and phosphorus thereby helping skin stay healthy and supple. It is an adaptogen which helps the body fight the effects of ongoing stress, and has a balancing effect on the mind, nerves, emotions, immune system, and digestive fire. It helps to protect the entire respiratory tract, acting as an anti-inflammatory from the effects of environmental toxins and pollution.

Rose: Is a superstar for inner and outer beauty and helps the skin to radiate and glow. It helps to support the immune system while pro- moting essential collagen production. Collagen is the protein most responsible for the health of skin and hair. It literally soothes the heart, emotions and balances the mind. It purifies the blood and thus keeps imbalances in the skin from erupting. It is also used for amenorrhea (absence of menstrual flow), hormonal balance, headaches, sore throat, nervousness, grief, dulness of skin and acne.

Instructions: Boil 8 oz of water and pour over 1 heaped tsp of herb mix and let steep for 15-20 minutes. This will make it powerfully medicinal. Drink 16 oz a day. Sweeten with raw sugar, date or coco- nut sugar. You can also pour it in a thermos and sip this beauty tea throughout the day.

Vibrant, radiant glowing skin!
Beautiful Magic! Sip by sip…

Ingredients: Organic Tulsi (Krishna, Rama & Vana) & organic Rose pedals.

All of my products are made in small batches by hand in California.
All ingredients are natural and whenever possible organic. I love to help people to live with joy, beauty, vitality and to reconnect with nature and her rhythms. This makes my heart smile big time and makes me dance!
That’s my heartfelt offering.
Shine. No matter what!


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