Sept. 14th, 2019 – Yoga & Ayurveda’s Traditional Restorative Navratri Cleanse!!!

with Jutta Hecht
Sept. 14th, 2019,  1-6 pm
Home Yoga Studio Temecula, CA

Navratri goes beyond a physical “cleanse”. It works to re-pattern our mind and igniting our spirit with joy!
This seasonal protocol gives great and rewarding results to deeply restore our body and spirit!
It is a very practical application through diet, lifestyle, herbs, and spiritual practices to bring our energy inwards, to create a terrain of clarity, strength, juicy vitality, health, kindness, compassion, gratefulness and allowing a greater and deeper flow to happen. It is very suitable to our busy, urban lifestyle!
Traditionally it is these nine days that are by far the most optimal time to cleanse and rejuvenate oneself.
So often cleanses in the West can be quite depleting and imbalancing, whereas the Navratri Restorative Cleanse aligns you with the rhythm of the seasons and life!

We will look into the basic diet guidelines, mantras, pranayamas and ayurvedic protocols to:

~ Clear inflammation and congestion
~ Open our channels
~ Kindle metabolism and digestive fire
~ Clear the mind from old stories and dive into clarity and joy
~ Develop a deeper trust and devotion for life

It is in deep alignment with Fall Navrati, the potent Nine Nights of the Goddess Durga, the Shakti of all Shakti’s.
We are going to look into deep seated patterns of grief, fear and anger and how they are relating to our doshas. (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
And, please note, that this is not your typical Ayurvedic Kitchari cleanse! You will actually learn why Kitchari is an inappropriate choice for this. After this experience, you will probably not want to do a “regular cleanse” anymore.
Recipes and protocol that promote and support the restorative cleanse will be offered.

“WOW I’m truly feeling amazing, so full of energy and lightness. I haven’t felt like I am starving at all, in fact I’m not even that hungry. I am so grateful that I was able to attend the Navratri Restorative Cleanse Workshop, it really gave me that extra push to do this! I am feeling nourished and deep sense of inner peace and contentment. The most amazing blessing is most of the inflammation in my body has subsided significantly. Thank you so much Jutta.”

What to bring: A yoga mat to sit on, note book, water bottle, and wear comfortable clothes for movement.

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