Why Navratri?

Some people have asked…
Is this workshop for men as well?
Will I be unsettled during this ‘cleanse’, since I need to work?
Do I have to eat Kitchari for 9 days?

First, absolutely YES, second and third, absolutely NO!

Navratri: The Nine Nights of the Goddess!

Let’s shine some light on it!

First of all, just because it is Navrartri, the 9 Nights of the Goddess, doesn’t mean that we are gathering only as women in a ‘Goddess circle’ 😉

Ayurveda teaches that there are 6 stages of disease. The atmospheric changes from season to season create a disturbance in the equilibrium of the mahabhutas (five elements) and gunas (qualities). These disturbances lead first to an accumulation of the doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and secondly, to further aggravate them…so, just due to the change of the seasons we experience a second stage of disease. Autumn Navratri happens very close to the Equinox, and the changing of seasons from summer to fall. With this in mind, we use this potent time of Navratri to align with Nature and deeply restore our body, emotions, and mind, to not become further aggravated. This also prepares us for winter with an optimized, strong immune system. So… we are not really ‘cleansing’, this is more of a ‘Restorative Quelling’. THIS IS SO NOT YOUR TYPICAL AYURVEDIC KTICHARI CLEANSE!
We are aligning our bodies during this potent time, and also our emotions and mind…and diving into the ‘darkness’ of our own mind, the ‘shadows’ which we often hide and want to disown…remember only what we ‘own’ we can let go of and set free!
And there is way more to it! A deep transformation from tamas (inertia) to sattva (clarity)!
We are aligning with the great Myth of the Goddess Durga. Navratri, The Nine Nights of the Goddess!
Now one understands why this is not your ‘normal cleanse’!

Come and learn what this important Seasonal, Yogic, and Ayurvedic protocol is all about!

The seasonal ayurvedic protocol of Navratri goes beyond a physical cleanse to re-pattern the mind, restoring and inspiring body and spirit.
After this experience, you will probably not want to do a “regular cleanse” anymore!

We will look into the basic diet guidelines, mantras, pranayamas and ayurvedic protocols to:

~ Clear inflammation and congestion
~ Open our channels
~ Kindle metabolism and digestive fire
~ Clear the mind from old stories and dive into clarity and joy
~ Develop a deeper trust and devotion for life

These teachings are based on Prashanti de Jager’s deep knowledge and wisdom!

To learn more join the workshop on September 14th in Temecula, CA:

And for a deep Immersion join our Navratri Himalayan Journey end of September with Prashanti de Jager and Jutta Maria Hecht: