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Jutta Maria Hecht, AHP
Ayurvedic Holistic Practitioner
Siddha Varmam Therapy
Certified TREĀ® Provider
Over 28 years of experience


You may have heard about Ayurveda and Siddha Varmam Therapy, but what exactly are they?

To put it simply, Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system renowned for its holistic approach, which effectively enriches our lives today. With roots spanning 5,000 years, Ayurveda fosters well-being through prevention, maintenance, and restoration. This knowledge includes transformative lifestyle shifts, a relationship with food, herbal remedies, therapeutic body treatments, yoga, movement, and meditative practices.

Siddha Varmam Therapy is one of the therapeutic healing modalities stemming from the ancient and vast Siddha System in Tamil Nadu, South India, with a history spanning 14,000 years. Siddha Varmam Therapy helps restore the stagnated flow of vital energy, allowing health to be restored. With the blessings and continuous guidance of my teacher, Pal Pandian, an accomplished Siddha Healer from the AgaGuru Lineage in Tamil Nadu, I am sharing the healing tradition of Siddha Varmam Therapy.

These two approaches form the basis of my work in a caring, integrative, and holistic manner to nourish the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, establishing a harmonious flow within oneself and one’s environment.

Vibrant health and radiant beauty through ayurveda

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